Drowning in Delusions

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Too Close to the End for a New Beginning

The more I see you in person
The more I see you in my head
The state of my condition worsens
With every single word you’ve said

There’s no time in the present
And even less time in the future
I know you are hesitant
But I’ve never felt more sure

You are a book I need to read
A rule I need to break
A hunger I need to feed
But, you’re also a habit I need to shake

When I met you I knew nothing
A child with a head full of stuffing
You closed my mouth, and opened my eyes
Licked my lips, and let me inside
Time passed and those doors closed
Why is this the fate you chose?
Still I pray to be there again
And to travel there as soon as transportation can
Because you are all I know,
and all I want to know
I promise to not disappoint you
And I’ll make these words come true
Any dream you have is mine
And anywhere you want to go is fine
So agree to leave with me tonight
We can drive until the break of light
We’ll sing to lana the whole car ride
Just promise me that I’ll be by your side

6 Word Short Stories

Try forgetting whatever makes you regret

Drowning in darkness, coughing up black

Taking a vacation from my mind

Doubt moved in, dreams moved out

Twirl your dress
Heels you wear to impress
Eyes that scream the word yes
Hips longing to be caressed

Wine stains the body a darker red
Mental blocks leave your head
words you want to say will be said
Forget your doubt, kiss me instead

Stumbling in motion, dancing in thought
Lips smile, while livers rot
Turn up the heat, make it hot
Try to be quiet, don’t get caught

Written On My Body

Read my veins like words on a page
Every heartbeat makes them change
Every beat speaks the words I don’t know how to say
Writing lines of poetry on my face

Just read between the lines
Be able to separate the truth from lie
I may not be able to say I love you all the time
But trust me it’s written in my eyes

I’m looking for a remedy
For what happened to the Kennedys
Lead my body into eternity
I guess the word is immortality

I’d swallow any pill
I would climb any hill
Pass any obstacle
But I can’t pass the word impossible

So I live my life in fear
Afraid of when my soul leaves here
The end isn’t near
But it breathes so loud that I cant hear

Tell me who you are

Let us meet face to face

Whatever planet or distant star

Tell me I’m more than disgrace

The cathedrals call you father

But I’ve never felt like a son

Life keeps getting harder

And you always seem to be gone